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                                                                  Sojourner Farm 2020 Newsletter

February 2020


Lesa, Manny and I have been on the road RVing since Dec 1 and plan on returning to WNY by early April.  As I write this newsletter, we’re camped on the shores of Bear Lake Campground in the Florida panhandle Black Water State Forest.  Thus far we’ve been to Arizona and back; we’ve camped in W. Virgina, North and South Carolina, Georgia, central Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Overall, we’ve had great weather with minimal rain and, other than two tire blow-outs (within a couple hours as we arrived in El Paso Texas en-route back east), have not had any significant issues.
Over the past two winters of RVing we’ve been able to visit most of the southern states on our bucket lists and now we’d like to venture out to the more northern states and maritime provinces (which means less time on the farm during the summer months).

In order to accomplish this, we’ve decided to further downsize the farm and raise only one batch of broiler chickens this coming summer. Orders will be taken first come first served until we’re sold out.
As most of you know, in order to allow us to be of the farm during the winter months, in 2018 we joint ventured our pastured beef operation with Ashley & Ryan Hatch @ H&H Meadows and also transitioned our pastured egg operation to Stephanie & Andy Beneng @ Light Work Farms in Allegany.

This year, due to our abbreviated season, in order to continue providing you with pastured pork and Thanksgiving turkeys, we’ve enlisted the help of a couple other local farms; Stacie Holcomb & Matt Faulkner @ Faulkner’s Prosser Pastures (Portville) have agreed to take on our pasture-raised pork customers and John & Jessica Policastro @ Flanigan Hill Farms (Hinsdale) have agreed to provide you have with pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys.

Both farms have been doing pastured meat for a few years so we hope the transition will be seamless. Their contact information is listed on our order form.
We wish to thank all four couples for agreeing to continue providing our customers with pastured pork, turkeys and eggs.

In order to allow Sojourner Farm as well as the other four farms to accommodate your needs, please get your orders in ASAP.  Thank you.                

Pierre & Lesa                                                                      

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